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General membership is available to attorneys currently employed in the office of a District Attorney, City Attorney, Attorney General, United States Attorney, military Judge Advocate General, or County Counsel, principally engaged in the prosecution of criminal cases. General members shall be entitled to one vote and may hold elected office in AAPA.



Associate Member

Non-Voting Member


Associate membership is available to attorneys employed in the office of a State Inspector General, or any office of an agency engaged in regulatory activities involving civil or criminal enforcement; law clerks employed in the office of the Attorney General, United States Attorney, State Inspector General, Judge Advocate General or any District Attorney or City Attorney; peace officers; investigators in the office of any District Attorney or City Attorney, victim-witness employees of any District Attorney, individuals retired from any of the above listed organizations not currently engaged in criminal defense or employed by offices that engage in criminal defense work, and law students. Individuals may be Associate members if their duties, responsibilities, or beliefs are consistent to the Mission Statement and Goals of AAPA. Anyone who is personally engaged in any criminal defense practice or has duties, responsibilities or beliefs that are in conflict with the Mission Statement or Goals of AAPA may not be a member. Associate members may not vote or hold elected office in AAPA.



Honorary Member

Non-Voting Member


Any person who has made a significant contribution to the administration of justice may be granted honorary membership in AAPA. The Board of Directors shall establish policies and rules governing the granting of honorary membership. Honorary members may not vote or hold elected office in AAPA. “Any dispute regarding eligibility under this section shall be referred to the Board of Directors for determination by majority vote.”






Any person who is a friend or supporter of AAPA.

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As a member of the Asian American Prosecutors Association you will receive a number of benefits

Scholarships for Law School Students
Each year AAPA awards a scholarship to an outstanding law school student member who has demonstrated a commitment to serving the API community and a sincere interest in pursuing a career in law enforcement.



Scholarships for Attorney Training
AAPA members in good standing are eligible for scholarships to various CDAA trainings. For more information please click here.



Mentor Programs for Law School Students
AAPA is dedicated to helping law school students who are interested in pursuing careers in law enforcement. Through our Law School Mentor programs, AAPA will pair a law school student with an attorney practicing in his/her field of interest to provide guidance and advice.

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Career Mentoring Programs for Attorneys
For those AAPA members who may be interested careers on the bench, AAPA has developed a judicial mentorship program. This program is designed to give members information and guidance about the process of becoming a judge. Participation is confidential. For more information please click here.



Free and or discounted Training Opportunities
The AAPA Outreach and Training Committee offer several workshops and programs each year to further attorney education. These workshops are free or discounted for AAPA members.



Networking Opportunities
The AAPA Social Committee hosts mixers and social gatherings for AAPA members throughout the year. These events give members an opportunity to socialize and meet attorneys from other offices and agencies. Please check our events page for more information.

Discounted or Free Admission to other Bar Association Events
AAPA works with many other bar associations around the state to create and host different events for all of our members. As a result, AAPA members are often eligible for free or discounted admission to events hosted by these other organizations.



Volunteer Opportunities
AAPA works throughout the year to give our members an opportunity to engage with the community on important issues through various volunteer opportunities. Whether it is volunteering as a mentor in our High School Mentor Programs, at a local food bank, or registering bone marrow donors, AAPA members are always willing to help.



Free membership in NAPABA
AAPA is an official affiliate of the National Asian and Pacific American Bar Association. As such, our members receive free annual membership and all of the benefits associate with NAPABA membership.

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