Our Mission

AAPA is a statewide, non-profit professional organization that is dedicated to promoting justice, to advancing the interests of prosecutors of Asian heritage, to providing a voice in the criminal justice system for victims of crime and to increasing diversity within the judiciary. AAPA strives to highlight public safety concerns and court access issues, while advocating for fairness, equality and justice for the community at large. Finally, AAPA seeks to empower all prosecutors through education, training and networking with varying members of the legal, judicial and law enforcement communities.


To educate the Asian American community regarding the criminal justice system with the central focus on victims’ rights as provided in the Constitution; to reach out to the community, and to provide a forum for communicating the community’s needs and concerns.


To promote, strengthen and support the roles of Asian Americans in all aspects of law enforcement by collaborating with community leaders, law enforcement, victim’s rights advocates and concerned citizens.


To advocate fairness, professionalism, equality and justice for all parties involved in the criminal justice system, as a just system would promote a just society.


To provide training, both academic and practical, concerning a wide variety of law enforcement-related topics, relevant laws, and trial strategies; to develop an information network relevant to the needs of Asian American law enforcement personnel; and to seek out, encourage and support Asian American law students and attorneys interested in pursuing careers in law enforcement.